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The Indian Economy & Social Media

August 5, 2013

As the value of the rupee continues to deteriorate against the dollar, the Indian economy is in serious need to flex its muscles. The rupee went as high as 60.91 against the dollar in recent days and the sensex dropped 300 points in a single day. With the government struggling to reform policies, change is [...]

The Evolution of Communication

July 29, 2013

  Since the Industrial revolution the various technological mediums through which people communicate kept changing and evolving. Over the years the masses have instantly adapted to new mediums and are eager more than ever to plunge into the future of social networking. From writing letters to instant messaging the evolution of social interaction among humans [...]

About the Internet, power-cuts, productivity & a startup

June 28, 2013

Every body writes about how its important to hire the right people, utilize resources judiciously, raking in the moolah, optimizing working capital and increasing operational efficiencies etc. I on the contrary have chosen to write about a lesser known area that is almost always directly linked with the productivity of your setup and the level [...]

We’re looking for:

June 25, 2013

List of Positions Open at DigiSense Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: 1. Digital Wiz – 1 – Gurgaon – some one who understands the medium at the back of their palms, we’re looking at people with 1 – 2 years of experience in handling Social Media operations. 2. Designer / Visualizer – 1 – Gurgaon – [...]

Life @ DigiSense

June 25, 2013

DigiSense, a set on Flickr. Sights from around our office. Way more to come. Via Flickr: life @ DigiSense

Of startups and sleepless nights

June 25, 2013

Well, I could just start rambling off with how difficult the last two months have been. When I started the blog, I wanted to create a showcase for my portfolio to attract more clients (I was freelancing as a developer/designer back then ). I was heavily inspired by Steve Pavlina’s writings and wanted to quit [...]

Getting Likes the ethical way

June 24, 2013

Disclaimer: This message is to my friends and their friends ..and NO I AM NOT GEtting Paid to do this …   If you have ever used a Panasonic product in your life .. and mind you it could be some thing as trivial as an AA size battery which obviously none of you knew [...]

5 startup hiring mistakes

June 24, 2013

Lately, I have been reading a lot about how companies hire their first circle of people. Everyone would advice you to choose the first circle from people you already know, your friends, previous colleagues, people who have worked with people you know well. Basically, people about whom you know more than whats on their resumes. [...]

Free GIT repository hosting

June 24, 2013

GIT has been a revelation. GIT is awesome. GIT is how files should be versioned. Even though this guy, this guy and this guy hate it, they haven’t been able to convince me against git.   When I pit the two against each other, after hours of fighting, GIT goes around SVN, making a lethal cut around the hamstring – [...]

Social Media & The Indian Hospitality Industry

June 24, 2013

After the eCommerce bug bit aviation, OTA’s and airline ticketing aggregators like MMT, Yatra & Travelocity went ballistic, in a span of less than half a decade aviation ticketing had become the single most revenue driven activity on the internet, pretty much nothing came close. Post this era however, the internet landscape is panning out [...]