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June 24, 2013 11:55 pm Advertising & Branding, Social Media

Disclaimer: This message is to my friends and their friends ..and NO I AM NOT GEtting Paid to do this …


If you have ever used a Panasonic product in your life .. and mind you it could be some thing as trivial as an AA size battery which obviously none of you knew was ever manufactured by Panasonic  or some thing super awesome like a Viera TV go ahead and LIKE this page ..


dont do this for me ..


Do this because

1. of the times you spent talking on your Panasonic cordless phone .. yes the one which you spent 15 hours a day talking to your gf / bf, friends, enimies, cousins, parents from almost any part of your house then.. (remember the time cell phones were not really some thing you could afford)


2. of the 35 times that you’ve watched top gun/ dil chahta hai / all the reruns of friends, how i met your mother, Joey, top gear, India Winning the Frikin World Cup (deserves a special mention … never throw that tv)  or even aaj tak   on your Viera.

3.of all the times that you have just not been bored because you had a panasonic stero system donkey’s years back and a panasonic cd / dvd player little less than donkey’s years back

4. of all those places that you’ve been  to where more than 50% of the electronics that’ve been used have in some way or the other been a PANASONIC !


if you are still reading this you are either

a. cursing me

b. reminiscing every moment you spent with each one of the Panasonic produtcs you had


if your cursing me i have no clue why you even read the whole thing :P and if you arent go like the Panasonic India Page


If you Eventually Decide to Like the Page Share an experience that you had with your Panasonic Product.


Part of getting organic Social Media Traffic

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