Of startups and sleepless nights

Well, I could just start rambling off with how difficult the last two months have been. When I started the blog, I wanted to create a showcase for my portfolio to attract more clients (I was freelancing as a developer/designer back then ). I was heavily inspired by Steve Pavlina’s writings and wanted to quit my job and start out on my own. Frankly, I was tired of my professional life interfering with my personal affairs. I was done reporting to work on time every morning and asking others to do so. (In my last job, I was managing a technical support team for a hosting company). I was done “selling myself into indentured servitude.”

Well, in the first week of January, things took an interesting turn and my friend found an Angel Investor. He was looking for people to start a web agency with. After a couple of meetings, things really looked up and interesting. Within the next 15 days, we had an office in New Bombay and 15 computers.

We together founded Aksip Innovations Private Limited.

Since then, we have been busy hiring people and getting in business. I have been too busy to update my blog, but now that things seem a little settled, I want to write more about our experiments with design and technology. We are still in the process of getting our website up. Its not that we are lazy, its just that I want the website to set standards for any other Indian Agency out there.

Our team currently comprises of around 10 fashion communication and fashion design students who have joined us from NIFT. We have three web designers with solid web designing experience and a few very talented developers who can do some serious code crunching. I will soon be putting up a list of our entire team on my blog and Aksip website.

We will soon start with our flagship application, but till then we are concentrating on building products for the market.

This blog was from a time before my involvement with DigiSense,
At Present and Out here We currently do online applications, internet marketing and online/offline design. If you are looking for smart people to handle your work, you can write in to us at info@digisense.co.uk.

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