We’re looking for:

List of Positions Open at DigiSense Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

1. Digital Wiz – 1 – Gurgaon – some one who understands the medium at the back of their palms, we’re looking at people with 1 – 2 years of experience in handling Social Media operations.

2. Designer / Visualizer – 1 – Gurgaon – This someone has to be gifted with the skill to maneuver Photoshop. HTML CSS / Flash and allied skills will be a super bonus. we’d prefer some one with experience

3. Front End Developer – 1 – Gurgaon – HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JS, what ever it takes to pimp our sites up upto 2 years of experience in the relevant areas.

4. Back End Developer – 1- Gurgaon – Some one who has a lot of keeda, enough of it at least to ensure that WordPress . Drupal and Magento customizations become a walk in the park for us. 1-2 years of exp obv preferred.

5. Digital Content Executive – 2 – Gurgaon – so if you can write and you think it makes a difference to people on the internet .. we are looking for you. give us a shout if you want to be the person writing for us.

call +91.981077818 – Venky email your cv’s to venkat@digisense.co.uk

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