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Every body writes about how its important to hire the right people, utilize resources judiciously, raking in the moolah, optimizing working capital and increasing operational efficiencies etc.

I on the contrary have chosen to write about a lesser known area that is almost always directly linked with the productivity of your setup and the level of customer satisfaction you are able to provide.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to setup shop in areas of the country where there are virtually no power-cuts, those who have will already know how fortunate they are.

For the rest of us though here are 5 ways to make the best utilization of time and resources when the power grid fails.

1. The resultant time from the the first powercut you face should be devoted towards understanding which points of your office you need backed up first.
Consider backing up all routers first, then proceed to desktops and finally secure points for laptops, phones, speakers or whatever. And in that order. Remember if you work through the nights keep an led back up lamp handy in the office.

2. Organise furniture around the office in a way that people .. mostly you or your colleagues can easily navigate through the office and out into the darkness when there’s a powercut lets say at 3 in the morning. This is where the led lamp comes in handy again …

3. Understand the pattern of occurrence of these  powercuts, tip the local powergrid ..get him a beer do what  it takes .. but get him to tell you the pattern, understand it and still better mark those times in your calendar as the times that you are mostly going to be doing nothing around then if backing up work points is not an option.

4.  Get an invertor, an average inverter will not cost you more than 10k. But it is worth every penny. 2lights 2 fans and a lot of desktops, laptops and most importantly the INTERNET will work . A friendly word of advice .. if are not some one who uses tata, airtel or a main stream isp what you could do is ask your internet vendor to place the switch that provides internet to the locality on your invertor … this means you get to retain complete control over internet access.

5. Fix meetings outside office when you know that bracing the power-cut is not an option you have.


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