The Evolution of Communication

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Since the Industrial revolution the various technological mediums through which people communicate kept changing and evolving. Over the years the masses have instantly adapted to new mediums and are eager more than ever to plunge into the future of social networking. From writing letters to instant messaging the evolution of social interaction among humans is ever so rapidly changing and growing. Today we are living in a world where every person is connected to every aspect of their lives online. May it be work, friends or family we share and connect with everyone through online social media. Basic but important tasks like banking, booking tickets, shopping, using maps, etc have been changed forever by the use of the online digital media. While the modern day consumer enjoys the blessing of convenience the internet brings along with it, there is something else it has inculcated in its global users i.e. a second mother tongue.

When the Short Messenger Service (SMS) hit globally texting became the communication sensation, with 3.5 billion users worldwide it is the most widely used data application. People using texting and instant messaging felt the need to make the process time saving and thus people began forming abbreviations of various words which was the conception of a second mother tongue, a global one. After a decade of SMS being around the abbreviations such as gtg, asap, lol, brb, etc became part of a universally accepted and understood lingo which was being formed. Short words like ‘what’ got shorter by removing a single letter and began being used as ‘wht’.

These minute differences created by many unknowns around the globe have shaped the way we communicate today with anyone and everyone digitally. Some say that it has ruined the originality of the English literature for future generations and they will never know what actual language was. The generation of connectivity, convenience and networking has brought with it the age of poor grammar. This brings us to the question that in today’s day and age how important is the use of correct grammar?

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Grammar laid the foundation responsible for our linguistic communication today but as history shows it has been ever evolving and changing. If one can send and receive information in its entirety by using the global lingo it solves the purpose of it being an efficient medium of communication. Hence instead of being uptight about how the English language is used, people must learn to embrace the change. The global lingo breaks all cultural, geographical and religious barriers creating a standardized medium of communication understood by all. The shortening of words has saved a lot of people a lot of time of their lives in the long run, they just don’t realize it. The global lingo is an evolution of the English language created by the global citizen with an aim to be an efficient medium of communication which saves time. With more than half the global population being a part of this lingo and the rate at which smart phones and tablets are spreading people are yet to find out that they have subconsciously developed a second mother tongue.

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